Ever since a young age, I have always  known that fashion was a way to not only find one's self, but also a way to separate an individual from the massive world swirling around them. For me, fashion and style is an outlet of expression, a way for one to be themselves and tell another person their story through the world of clothing and color.

It has taken me quite some time to become the guy that I have become today. With growing up within an inner city area, it was very difficult for me to shatter the mold that was created for me by not only relatives, but peers and society as a whole. I always knew that what I was presented with was far less than what I ever wanted in life. I always aspired to be someone that knew who they were, someone strong and took a stand for what they believed in. With years of struggle, confusion and frustration, I now believe that I have found what I was put on this Earth to do.

Once a person arrives at that point in life where they find something that they have so much passion and love for, there is no stopping what they can do. With previous experience and knowledge I hope to gain in the future, I hope to spread my love for fashion and the elements of it to the world.

My design aesthetics center around British street wear.   I choose to design for individuals that are strong willed and are comfortable and confident with who they are. I enjoy styling looks that are fun, playful and unique and shocking to the eye. With that being said, I would like to mention that I am also very flexible with my design and styling skills and can cater to fit the needs of any client.