fall color palette

Buy Now. Wear Now 4 FALL

So is it just me or has the hype for Fall 2015 fashions fallen upon us? Spring/Summer styles were extremely rapid and changed ever so quickly! With the rise of fast fashion, trends and style are evolving, being manufactured and distributed ever so quickly. We started the year falling head over hills for the soft pastels and calling them the new neutrals. Mixed prints and looks with printed tops and matching printed bottoms were the must haves transferring to sporty chic looks that we all couldn't resist. Now, that excitement has settled and the up-rise of the latest fall looks are here! So what do we have to look forward to and how exactly can we shop now and actually be able to translate these cooler weather looks into our wardrobe today? Have no fear, I have a few tips for you!

From my understanding, Fall 2015's fashion will encompass 3 distinct looks;


Styles and trends making their way back from the 60's and 70's. You're going to be seeing a lot of ditsy, paisley prints, sueded textures, fringe, and psychedelic patterns. To give skinny jeans a run for their money, the flare leg and boot-cut jean will be making a major come back along with the iconic box mini skirts. Peasants tops will also be something to think about acquiring this fall.

A way to purchase this look now and be able to wear now would be to purchase light weight peasant blouses. These tops are great to wear with shorts for those casual daytime activities and events. The box mini is something that we can definitely buy now and wear now with fitted tees and tanks. These skirts will eventually be worn with tights and tall boots for the Fall but for now, lets rock these babies with gladiator sandals, flats and pointed toe pumps. The flare leg jeans can be purchased as your going out pant. This pants works amazing on tall figures. This style of pant does wonders to lengthen the leg when worn with chunky heels and wedges. This pant can be styled quite simply with a V-neck tee layered with a fitted leather jacket or you can do a nice silk blouse, leave a few top buttons undone and tuck slightly in the front of your jean.


The strong and clean partnership between black and white will be a huge hit this coming season as well. We will be seeing white tops trimmed in black piping, outlines and geometric shapes. Two piece sets that are matched together with clean black and white outlines and sport-like striping. This will be a great way to get our chic sporty feel that was so big in the Spring/Summer now for Fall wear.

This play on Black and White is something super simple to be able to buy now and wear now. Seek out sets with shorts and matching sport tops in black and white. Wear these looks with slip-on sneakers or platform sandals. Pair black and white blouses and tops with all black skinny jeans. Color block your looks with solid black tops, paired with all white bottoms and use a fun colored shoe or heel as your pop of color. What we are going for here is just a sport inspired look with clean lines and minimum effort.


To replace the soft pastels and neutral colors that were blossoming in the Spring, we will now have more of a seductive, sensual, color palette. Colors such as Merlot, Bordeaux, Hunter Green, Slate Grey, Taupe and Navy will be the colors to paint our looks with.

Color palettes can sometimes be hard to translate into our looks before the season has actually begun. Lucky us, these seductive colors are perfect for evening events and activities. Ladies can try out fun lipstick colors in the deeper, richer reds, smoky eyes laced in greys and navy blues are a fun way to just start transitioning these colors into your lives. Men can begin by purchasing chino pants in these colors and pairing them with nice oxfords and loafers for dinners and weekend dates. A big thing that we all should consider is getting our hands on amazing colored leather jackets in those beautiful reds, navy's and browns. These jackets will be items that you can use to layer with once the nice hot summer days cool down.

So there you have it. I understand that the fashion industry moves so quickly that we are all left standing wondering what on earth is going on?! Why did we just change our wardrobe so drastically for one season, only to have the market saturated a few weeks later with new styles and looks for the upcoming season. The trick to this is to be smart when shopping. Try not to get so caught up in one look where we end up finding that we aren't quite ready to change, or that we find ourselves not having the needed items to be considered "in style" for the next. Buy pieces that can transition from season to season and learn the tactics of being able to buy now and wear now.