Re-Invent Your Look

 So I have this issue that happens to me every so often. I have these moments where I wake up and I feel that I have absolutely nothing to wear! I have no idea where my creativity has gone and I feel helpless! These are the times when I feel that distinct urge to go out and buy things! But lately, with the seasons changing and the stores filled with pastels, sandals and espadrilles. These are all perfect for the season but just not my select look. It's extremely frustrating! So what is there to do?! I have come up with a few solutions! 

When these times come along when you feel that your needs just aren't met with the items within your closet and the garments offered at your favorite stores just aren't meeting your needs, here are a few solutions that have helped me and will hopefully come to your rescue!  

solution one.

  One of my favorite things to do is to completely change your outlook! Stick within the ranges of your current closet but look at your pieces with a completely different eye! What has helped me is to find that one piece of clothing or one pair of shoes that are hanging out in the back of the closet covered in dust and feeling neglected! Grab that piece and get inspired! Built a look completely from that one piece. Either make it the focal point of your look, the color scheme or even the over all theme! This way you are giving that once neglected garment or pair of shoes the love that they deserve. Not only that but the bonus is that all your friends will probably have forgetten about it and this is the time where you can throw out the lovely saying, 'Oh, this old thing...'!  :) 

solution two. 

Another solution that I have for this god forsaken syndrome is to gain back your creativity! Look to current fashion magazines, fashion blogs (such as this one!), stylist accounts on Instagram (@braxtonjholme) , use these venues to see what models and stylist are wearing. Look to these avenues not just to copy but to get your creative juices flowing. This is the entire reason why stylist post photos and fashion magazines are printed. Although you may not be able to afford the lasted Chloè, Alexander McQueen or Chanel ready-to-wear you can get inspired to create your own. Tap into your inner designer and alter some of the pieces you already own! Take scissors to a flannel to make it into a sleeveless vest to wear with skinnies or shorts with a tank underneath, or take a cool graphic tee that you own and chop off the bottom half to make it into a trendy crop top. Below are a few photos of some of my creative works of art. 

Take a pair of pants that you never wear, find a length that you're comfortable with if they were shorts. Add about two inches to that length. Cut there and then roll twice at about an inch width. This will not only encase the raw edge but give you a cool finished looking short! 


The other day I got extremely creative and used my long flannel as a skirt. Simply unbutton the shirt just enough so that it fits around your waist. Then all you have to do is tie the sleeves around your waist as you would regularly. Then boom, you have yourself a cool new plaid skirt!  


Take scissors to a pair of old jeans. Cut horizontally as much and wherever you'd like to create distress holes. Send these through the washer and dryer and you'll have yourself a pair of self destroyed jeans!  


solution three.  

 My third and final solution to feeling completely out of ideas for outfitting is to try things you would have never tried before. These are times to experiment with either the garments that you currently have or new pieces out on the market. If you were ever curious about a select boutique or online store, take time to check it out! You never know what you may stumble upon or what inspiration you may come up with! I prefer a darker style and look but with the spring being here, I'll try a preppy look or something nautical. 


I've always mentioned that fashion is supposed to be fun and expressive. Try expressing your mood on select days, emotions can spark creativity more than you can imagine! Try monochromatic looks, mixing prints, new silhouettes. Have fun! 


At low times like these when we may feel like today is the day to pull out the sweats or athletic wear, stop yourself! Take two more seconds to get inspired and re-invent your look!