Everyone's a stylist, everyone's a model and everyone's a designer. Today, with the blow up of social media, apps and fashion literature the explosion of new found careers and passions are everywhere. I'd like to take the time out and express the difference between reading and understanding fashion verses actually having style. As we all know, anyone with $7 in their pocket can go to your local news stand and pick up your latest InStyle, Haper's Bazaar  or Vogue  edition. I thoroughly encourage this action! Reading up on the current trends, seeing what the celebs are wearing and what the top designers are debuting for the season is a great way to stay in the know and stay current! What you do with that information is what shows passion, dedication and true artistry. Just knowing that Dolce and Gabanna's Spring 2015 collection is a Spanish floral theme with hints of red, black and cream isn't enough. For a job in the fashion industry, one must study up, but they also must take the knowledge that they have gained and use that information. By doing so, this shows STYLE. But, what is style exactly? 

Style is defined as a manner    of doing something or a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed. In other words... putting what you have at your figure tips to use in a presentable way! I feel that in today's world we think that style is strictly attached to the name of the brand or the label within the garments that we are wearing. A true fashion driven individual will let you know that is not the case at all! One could be wearing a $3000 outfit and still look like rubbish due to the absence of presentation and style. Being stylish means that you can take a trash bag or recycled goods and make a masterpiece of a look! It's the creativity that goes behind it! It's the action of using all the knowledge gained from other sources such as said fashion editions, blogs, and other avenues and putting them into play. A good "stylist" or stylish person can take tid bits from all over and put them together to make a unified look!

Style can also range. There are a plethora of genres out there. You have styles such as preppy, chic, grunge, goth, business, cocktail..the list goes on. The one misconception I find that we have today is that we get lazy and use the excuse that styles are so different and there are so many out there that one believes they have style it's just a different one. Not the case in most situations. Style is all about presentation and showmanship. Sloppiness and laziness isn't a style, it's just lazy and carefree. In order to have style, there should be at least one person out there in the world that wishes to have the look that you presenting or have. Style should be inspiring, encouraging and a breath of fresh air. Style comes easy to some and may take some work for others. Those of you with style will know, one day putting together a look can be cake and on other days you find yourself sitting in your closet just staring and looking for inspiration. A style may take some time to develop but once you master the art, it stays with you forever!  

So for all my fashion lovers out there, know that understanding and studying fashion is not the same as having style. Style is born from the knowledge that we gain and how the present this knowledge to the world.  

Just think.. What a stylish and beautiful world we could live in if we all took heed! :)