As we ALLLL know, the infamous Coachella Music Festival is rapidly approaching. The first weekend of the event starts April 10th through the 12th and the second weekend following being the 17th through the 19th. Lets all gear our social media accounts for the flooded photos of teens and mid twenties posting photos of sunny fields, large groups, celebrities and the oh so cliché bohemian fashions that has been drilled in our brains as the festival's must have styles!

Unlike most fashion blogs, this one will not be telling you what to wear to Coachella and how to look "cool" amongst all the others, instead I wanted to write a little something for all those who agree that its ridiculous to spend an insane amount of money to nearly be seen and pretend that we know that's going on in the elite social society. This blog includes two awesome things that you can do with friends and family in the sunshine that's approaching us while all the Coachella goers are away! Not only that, but I will also be suggesting rad outfitting looks that will not only make you look cool while doing said events. Who said that we all have to spend so much to have fun and stay chic?!

Sunday Brunch

The very top on my list is literally one of my favorite events for the summertime. Sunday Brunch is such a fun and ongoing tradition within our society but most of us have never even taken part! Its a great time to go out on a nice, sunny Sunday, kick back at a classy restaurant and take part in the debauchery brought to you by bottomless mimosas. A few tips to planning your brunch trip...

- Make sure that the restaurant is either buffet style or that the brunch menu has items that you love. Sunday brunch is something you want to plan to spend a few hours at. Usually from about 10am-2pm. Nothing is worst than being stuck at a place filling yourself with champagne while sitting in the sun and not having good food to keep you going!

- Call ahead and make reservations! To create a successful brunch is to have a good table! Make sure to choose a day to go where the sun is out and the sky is free of clouds. Try to get your group a table outside. The sun feels amazing while congregating with loved ones and this would also be a chance for everyone to sport their coolest sunglasses and/or brunch hats.

- And most importantly, check the style of the restaurant. To fully enjoy a true "Sunday Brunch" is to dress accordingly. Look for a restaurant where the style is more upscale so you and your friends can take the chance to dress in your Sunday's best. Girls, this is the prime opportunity to pull out your favorite floor length maxi dress made of light weight fabrics. The wind will create such a beautiful movement. Fit and flare dresses are also a great option for Sunday Brunches. You want to pick something that not only will work well the heat but also something that will make you feel classy and beautiful. A nice height wedge or even dressy scandals are great shoe choices for this event. This way, after several glasses of mimosas, you don't have to worry about stumbling out in your heels. As for the guys, this is the perfect time for us to show our dapper side. Flat front shorts or chinos are great options for bottoms. A colored chino pant will look amazing with a rolled hem and a pair of loafer, oxford, or deck shoes. As for tops, a nice button down shirt, short sleeve or long, looks great with a crisp crew neck or V-neck under. The goal is to mix dressy and casual but still put together and chic. If your like me and refuse to wear anything but black and creepy.... try a nice pair of black skinnies, creepers and cool tank or Henley. You'll stand out from the crowd but everyone will be curious of your dark and mysterious style. ;]


Road Trip 

If you're looking for something a little more adventurous and out there, why not pack up the car and take a road trip with a few of your closest friends?! Now a road trip doesn't necessarily mean driving cross country or even to another state. Start small and work your way up if you find that you like spending time on the road with friends. Try taking a trip to the nearest beach, amusement park, closest attraction or natural beauty. Not only will this get you away from your everyday surroundings, but the trip will be great bonding time! Depending on the location that you are going, this would be a trip in which would require layering. I always recommend layering especially when you're away from home for most of the day and you aren't quite certain of the temperature changes as the time passes. Shorts or jeans will work just fine for bottoms. Just make sure you are wearing a pair that doesn't stretch out too much, for you will be sitting in the car for a little while. As for tops, choose from your favorite fun graphic tanks, looser blouses or simple crew necks. A top layer would be something to consider as well. I would recommend your favorite denim jacket, a lightweight leather jacket or for those of you into the grunge scene, bring a flannel and when you aren't wearing it, keep it tied around your waist. Shoe selections will definitely range depending on your ending location. Stick with something comfortable but remain stylish. This trip is not your last chance to bring out your Crocs or filthy foam sandals from Old Navy. Try an espadrille, thin soled slip on sneaker, leather sandal or even a low wedge for the ladies that refuse to wear anything without a little leverage.


Don't get me wrong, Coachella is going to be amazing for everyone that will be attending, but I look at it this way, the money spent on that Coachella ticket, are a few less potential pieces in my closet. This music festival is something that I think everyone should experience but I find that a lot of people are driving themselves to bankruptcy just to attend and look cool. As you can see, there are other things you can do with your friends and have fun that is a faction of the price of a Coachella Ticket and you don't have to worry about trying to look cute without having a clean shower within a few days. Enjoy summer, get out and do things but always remember, there's style in everything that you do!